"We don't want flowers... we want rights."
"We don't want flowers... we want rights."

Our Mission

To assist women and children in Guatemala who lack family support and are victims of domestic violence or abandonment.

What We Do

We are a social services organization in San Marcos, Guatemala, dedicated to fighting poverty and preventing domestic violence, child abuse, malnutrition and animal abuse.

We provide a safe home for battered women and their children, victims of trafficking and pregnant teenagers. Many of the people who receive our help also work with our animal rescue project as a form of therapy. We also provide legal and psychological resources, emotional support and guidance during visits to the emergency room and police meetings or on dates in the courts, and we plan the departure of women who need to make arrangements before leaving unsafe situations .

We are the only organization that provides these services in the state of San Marcos and in most of Guatemala, especially in the western area in which we are located. Guatemala is # 3 in the world in femicide, San Marcos is # 4 in the country in domestic violence, and the entire country has a rate of impunity in crimes against women to 98%.

How can you support?

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