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Good Guerrilla Project (GGP)

GGP was created to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to their favorite nonprofits and learn about new ones - without breaking the bank. GGP is an app where each day there is a different organization to donate. Anybody who has downloaded the app can donate money to a nonprofit of the day, any range of money from $1 to as much as they please. They can also choose to donate or not depending on their connection to the organization. GGP makes the world a little bit smaller by allowing all of us to contribute to a great cause each day.


Watch out for updates coming soon!


Activist School

The idea for an Activist School was sprouted from the desire to teach young community organizers and activists how to make sure women & kids are safe and how to get them Proyecto Esperanza's resources, if needed.

Activists and organizers from all over the country of Guatemala will be invited. We will train them on how to organize against Domestic Violence  and the proper steps to take in those situations.



When is the next activist school?

The first Activist School is going to be held May 10,1 1, and 12, 2019.

no es hora de callar

Language School

With a world of more than 7,000 languages, a linguist from Colombia University has predicted that within a hundred years, less than 600 will remain. This is why the United Nations has declared 2019 the Year of Indigenous Languages; to celebrate and draw awareness around these special dialects and their communities.

In response to this epidemic, Proyecto Esperanza will offer tutoring to any child that is struggling in their native language throughout San Marcos and San Pedro. 

English classes will also be offered in the aldeas of San Marcos.  The English classes will be funded through the support of the municipalidad of San Marcos. On Mondays they will be held in Las Lagunas, Tuesdays in San Sebastián, Wednesdays in San Rafael Soche, and Thursdays in Serchi.


More information about how you can sponsor a child through a scholarship coming soon!


You can also donate to our services and programs through our Go Fund Me page!